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Happy (belated) Halloween

Posted on Nov 5, 2011 by in Uncategorized | 2 comments


All Hallows Eve this year meant first time trick or treat experience for the oldest child. It was fun to see him excited. It was interesting to watch the neighborhood kids run around in packs like Midwestern scooter gangs. It also amazes me how we empower ourselves with our masks. We step into a different character by switching hats, or clothes.

It got me thinking about the masks we wear in society, in our jobs, in your life. What I find interesting is that the more we wear those masks, the more we become that thing. An old proverb says, ” That which you do makes you that which you are.”

This is both good and bad. It depends on the masks we put on, and why we put them on. Sometimes we fake it till we make it. We put on a mask of a better self, and try to become that thing. Sometimes we mask ourselves to fit into the norm.

But we’ve got to watch how we wear our masks, and how often we put them on. People start to believe the mask, expect the mask, and discount or upgrade our status based off of their beliefs. More importantly, we start to believe it. We are funny forgetful creatures. We lose sight of things. We remember things as they didn’t happen. The weakness (and power) of our minds is such that we can begin to believe our own stories.

So what stories should we believe, and what stories should we forget? What stories should we change?

What masks do we wear, and why do we think we should wear them? What masks should we wear, and what will we become by them?



  1. Great picture. Nothing like the hand of Death reaching out to grab you to start a morning off right. (I like the dollar sign on his wrist.)

    I don’t believe in masks. I try to wear them as little as possible. Great proverb.

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